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Pinteresting Halibut

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In our recent trip to Alaska I totally kicked my hubby's BUTT at fishing!  We always talk big smack when it comes to fishing and it is soooo nice to win!  It was hilarious!  My line would go down.  It would hit the bottom.  I would jig it a little, say a prayer and BAM!  I would get a hit! 
While it is the end of the season so these are smaller, but... see the tiny tiny one at the right end...  That is his!  LOL  He was frustrated and so happy for me at the same time!
I even caught a Spiny Dogfish!  Which... the hubs never has!  I am not sure I had more fun fishing or more fun beating him!

It has been a while since we've had a freezer full.  So I wanted to find a few new recipes to try and share a few of my favorites with you!
If you don't have Halibut, try these recipes with Mahi Mahi but Striped Bass or Cod would be better.
Beer Batter Halibut from Barefeet In The Kitchen
I pulled this recipe because it has the best pics and instructions!  This is an Alaskan Favorite.  I may have to share my recipe when I get back to Florida!  Hers looks alot like mine and she has a printable recipe card!
Bacon-Wrapped Halibut from
This is another Alaskan favorite at neighborhood fish frys!  Try this recipe or... just wrap it in bacon and cook!
Ranchos Halibut from Fish Alaska Magazine
Who better than to know how to cook Halibut than fellow Alaskans that eat it year round!
There are TONS of Halibut recipes here.
Halibut Supreme from
Pesto Halibut Kabobs from
Grapefruit Baked Halibut from Spicolopis
While I think the picture is of still frozen Halibut... My hubby loves grapefruit.  I thought this recipe was unique and yummy sounding!
Baked Halibut with Sour Cream from Kalyn's Kitchen
Hawaiian Crunch Halibut from Justgetoffyourbuttandbake
from BonAppetit
This looks WAY YUM to me!  I am an Avocado LOVER!
Dijon Crusted Halibut from

I can't wait to try these over the next few weeks!!

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