Wednesday, April 3

Hello Kitty

Welcome to Whipped Up Wednesday!
Today I am sharing a few things that my daughter whipped up!

She is spoiled rotten and her grandma gave her this sewing machine for her 8th birthday.  Not only has her love of Hello Kitty appeared from nowhere, but her passion for sewing is out of control! 
Luckily grandma is super smart and also purchased some super cute little girly fat quarters for her to start some simple projects with!
Her birthday landed on a Sunday.  My grandma used to say, "A stitch sewn on Sunday is a stitch through your nose in heaven!"  But how could I tell her she couldn't play with her new toy right away! I have no problem sewing on Sunday.  To me it's not work it's fun.
So Aurora got set right to work.  I showed her how to lay out a pillow case and measure and in no time...
 she was sewing away!
Warning...  I am normally not a freak about washing fabric before sewing.  I do was after the project is done.  She was so excited to sleep with her new pillow case that we didn't wash it.  Yup... rash in the morning on her poor little face!  Went away in like 30 minutes, but still wash your fabrics before actual use.  Lesson learned!
To start her out learning we did lots of pillow cases.  When Grandma came to visit she showed of her skills to make pillow cases to take back to girly cousins whose birthdays were coming up!  I find it amazing how quickly she is learning to sew.
From there she made a bag for the headrest of the car.  She ended up making one for each of her brothers too.  I put on the buttons. and helped her line it up.  
Grandma would be so proud.  She asks to go to the fabric store all the time.  On our last trip she insisted that she needed a keeper for all her bobbins like me!  Funny girl.
On our last trip we went to Joann's Fabric to get something completely unsewing and fabric related, but I let her walk among the fabrics anyways.  She spotted a fluffy neon teal with black and hot pink cheetah spots and fell in love!  
"Oh mommy!  I need this!  I can sew that cute black and colorful fabric and make a quilt.  I would look so cute with this mommy.  Please, please?  I promise to sew right away when I get home!"
Now...  I am not a spender and have no problem saying NO to my kids for things in the store that we don't need, but...  She was way to cute! 
Above she is sewing the edging around her quilt.  She worked almost tirelessly until it was done.  And by this project I no longer need to sit right by her.  It was a little weird.  She understood my sewing directions and just went to town.  She came and got me when she needed something!
Here is her very first quilt all done!  She sat and helped me pin the top, batting and back together for over an hour!  I did the quilting on my sewing machine and I did the binding.  She sat and watched me the whole time to be sure I did it right.  LOL
See this face!  Remember it!  She just might be a famous seamstress one day!
I can't imagine what she will be sewing in year!

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