Thursday, July 11

My Hair Turned Purple

Welcome to Thawed-Out Thursday!
This weeks post was WELL "thought" out.

This post is WAY past delayed but the story that happened after was hilarious so I had to share anyways.  Especially since... this hair cut has long since grown out and it's time for a new color!  I got this hair cut right before Easter!  Yikes. 
My little sister is a hairdresser and, as such, I usually get my hair cut and colored by her when I visit!  Last time I saw her was at Christmas.  My hair was due for a cut, but I didn't really want to bother her!  Christmas is fun and everytime she was over there just wasn't a great time to have a trim or a long sit in a chair.  Mostly...  She usually gets paid to do it and... I don't really pay her!  Love her yes... Pay... probably should.
Anyways since the last cut and color I had was in November at Thanksgiving I was WAY over due.  My beautiful Pink Ombre' had faded and my ends were... just yucky!  I thought I could wait until I saw my sister during our move, but... as our move keeps getting pushed back my hair keeps getting nappier and nappier!  (Is that a word. Ok... it is for now at least.)  I have a cousin who is a colorist, but I am not sure how long we would be in town or even WHEN! 

With the trusted help of Facebook I put a call out to all my friends to find a hairstylist in the area that was GOOD!  I was nervous and excited.  I love getting my hair done, but my sister is good.  And I have had some bad stylists.

I went in to Tiffany at Avant Garde Salon in Destin.  I asked for a purple Ombre'.  But she had a slightly different idea.  Fine with me.  I like different!
This is what she came up with.  Kinda hard to see with the hair down.  What I ended up with was pretty much some VERY heavy highlighting to the majority of the underside of my hair.  There are also about 5 spots just underneath the top where the color goes all the way to my roots!  Then she got really crazy and did some in my bangs too!  She used a very dark Purple and then something to make that same dark purple lights so that it blended a little better.
(The color looks a little weird in this picture.)
Here is some of my top layer moved back so you can see the underneath...  Lots of Dark Purple on this blonde!
This is a much better picture of just the color!  You can see the dark and then a good strip of the lighter purple in the middle!  I love it!  I also love that it the color almost seems...  Natural?  Well... as natural as purple blended highlights can be!  

And just in time for Easer! In fact, I taught the 3-4 year olds today in church.  One little girl noticed I had purple in my bangs and I decided to have fun with it.  (Just so you know... they call me Snow White instead of Sister Herbert because... it's fun.  I don't call any of them by their real names either.)
Belle: Snow White!  You have purple in your hair!
Me (shocked): What?  What do you mean?
Ariel: Right there!  Wait...  it's all over!
Me:  Wait...  You don't think the Easter Bunny did this to my while I was sleeping do you?
Belle:  I bet he did! But why?
Me:  I don't know.  He is a funny bunny.

I love kids!  And...  I LOVE my purple hair!  If we weren't moving I would totally go to Tiffany again! ;)

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  1. The best thing you could ever get for having a hairstylist sister is that you don’t have to worry about paying huge bucks for your hair. Haha! Well, I think there’s nothing wrong about trying out something different. And I must say that the “different” you’re talking about really looks great!

    Catherine Ward