Thursday, September 5

Number Journal

  While we homeschooled we started a daily Numbers Journal.  Mostly it was to get some simple math in but partly it was to show them how many ways to play with one number.  But if you don't home school maybe you have a kid who needs some simple help with numbers!  Or perhaps you could use this as a summer refresh?  I dunno, but here it is!
(Side note... just scroll bottom and click where it says CLICK HERE to download the printable.)

First page is a countdown to 100 days.  It was just a simple way for me to see how many days we had actually done school.  Even if they didn't do the whole journaling they wrote down a number for the day.
Next was a temperature chart.  I put 12 into the journal and it s a good thing I did because we ended up doing the journal most of the summer!  It was fun to see the temperature change from Florida to Texas to South Dakota to North Dakota as we traveled and moved toward the end of the school year.  The top of the page has a spot for the month and where they can fill in a color for the high and the low for each day.  
Last was the Number Play Sheet where the kids got to play with numbers a bit. As you can see there is a ton on here.  I ended up making two different versions.  I started by writing numbers on lima beans and placing them in a jar.  Everyday the kids drew out a new number and wrote it in the top box.
They circled even or odd, wrote out the word, put the numbers in place value boxes, wrote it out in tally marks, expanded form (50+6=56), any number sentence (48+8=56), the would find it in coins and the draw the coins in the box.  In the next column they would find 1 more, 1 less, 10 more, 10 less, 100 more, 100 less, and then list any number greater or less than.
I printed these double sided.

After a while the greater than, less than part got way to easy.  My son picked 6 for less than and 1,000 for greater than because every number in the jar was between those.
I ended up getting a paper clock from the dollar store.  I would change the time on the clock and they would write the numbers 3:10.  Then I would write a time on our white board and they would draw the time on the clock.  Much more challenging for a little while at least.

Last in the line up was a list of the numbers written out as words.  My kids never used it though.  They would try to sound it out and after a while they just got the hang of it.  But I made it so it's in there!

for the whole package with the greater than, less than.
for the whole package with the clocks.


  1. We home school and these are not just functional they are adorable! I am going to print out a set so I can give them to my oldest girl to use with her 2 year old--never too early, right? thank you!