Sunday, May 24

Family Emergency Binder

I have been using a binder for all our important paperwork for several years now.  With my husband being in the military it is nice to have one easy place to grab important paper work.  Its nice when we are moving too!  I know that everything we could need, by way of papers, is in one place and won't get packed!  Unless the bind gets packed.

In our house we call it the BIG BOOK.  Big Book holds everything from shot records to family photos.  I did a post a while ago call VIP Papers.  I recently decided it was just time to update and go through the whole thing.  Of course in the process I did more research.  I took away some stuff and I added other things.  I thought I would share the new printable with you!  Link is at the bottom of the post.  Along with instructions.
Here is the cover I created.  Feel free to print this one or create your own.

Included is a Master Check List so you have one easy place to see what is actually in the Binder.  I would print this on white.
Every section on the Master List has a Divider Sheet.  I would print these on colored paper so that they are easier to see when you put them into page protectors.  I use washi tape to create tabs 
Included is also a Emergency Car Kit Check List, a 72 Hour Emergency Checklist, an Emergency Bin Check List (for things to big for the 72 hour kits), FEMA Evacuation Guidelines, a How-to Prioritize a Grab and Go List, A Grab and Go List, and Emergency Info sheet.  
You may want to print extra 72 hour sheets and Grab and Go Sheets to you have one for each family member.
I also created a simple ID sheet so you have this easy info on each family member.  I would create two copies of these and keep them together in a page protector.

Once you get there just right click and print!

I hope this helps some one get a little more organized!

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