Monday, December 21

Modern Half Square Triangle Baby Quilt

I just wanted to share with you a quilt I finished several months ago.  A while back my mom and I joined a fabric swap group.  Each month had a different theme.  I believe all these squares came from the flowers swap in the sprint time!  I personally LOVE scrappy quilts and usually choose them over patterned quilts with specific prints anyways.  I like finding ways to make fabrics that don't really match... match!
Here is a view of the top!  I actually saw something similar on Pinterest and I took a screen shot of it with my phone so I could go back to it while making the quilt.

I don't know WHY I didn't pin the thing!  Now I wish I had because I have loved this pattern and used it on at least 3-4 baby quilts since this one!  I LOVE this pattern!  Easy. Simple.  And ends up looking completely different depending on what fabric you use.  I love it.  Thank you to whoever came up with it first!

This quilt is special to me because it one of the first that I felt brave enough to custom free motion quilted on my machine!  It was fun to do different patterns besides just a plain ol' stitch in the ditch with my walking foot.  What IS interesting to see is that this quilt was made about 10 months ago.  I have quilted... to many quilts to count since this one and it's fun for me to see how I have grown free motion wise.
I LOVE the colors in this quilt!  I LOVE that it is almost vintage, but the pattern makes it a more modern quilt.
I was surprised at how well the quilting showed through even with the very fluffy back!  I like fluffy...  especially for a baby quilt.
Here is a cute stamp I had made so I could mark who made the gift!  I have several baby blankets people gave to me when my were born.  I have several that I can't remember who gave them to me!  With this baby I will defiantly have people sign their work.  Quilting is art people!

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