Wednesday, December 28

Trident Gum Thank You Wrappers

Hello all!  Moving and baby and craziness here at our house!  But I wanted to share something simple I made up! I created these to give as gifts to people who help sub in the primary classes at our church.  They would work well as thank yous for teachers or friends too!  

This was one of my first real attempts at using a REAL photoshop application.  I think it turned out pretty great.  Could be better but...  It works for what we need it!  Enjoy!
To start I purchase a few packs of these off Amazon.  They were just over 5 bucks each, so the overall cost isn't to bad.

the template below!
They should wrap right around the gum.  I only have one hint for you on putting them together.  

I wanted to be sure that whoever got the didn't have to remove the paper I created while still using the gum.  To do this the first piece of tape I slide underneath the open tab as pictured below then...
Placed the front part of the image where I wanted it on the front and folded the side near the tape over.
Then I just had to wrap the rest around and tape where it landed!
Here they all are finished and ready to sit in the closet until needed!  Everyone loves gum right?


  1. I wanted to download your template, but the link is not working for me. I'm using Chrome. Can you email it to me?

    1. I sure can! Sorry! My brother just redid my download site and some of the downloads are being silly. Thanks!