Friday, January 22

ExStraw Special Valentine Printable

With a baby due on Valentine's Day I have gone into full nesting/prep mode.  None of my babies have ever come super early but... I have my hospital bags pack(complete with treats for my mom and the hubby), the kids overnight bag packed(hoping to add a surprise present in there for them), and I am crazily organizing and cleaning the house so everything will be easier when baby girl comes!  (NO... we don't have a name yet.  This naming thing is hard for us!  LOL)

Part of my preparation has included getting Valentine's ready for the kids.  I am sure that I will go into labor the week of all the kids parties so whatever projects the teachers send home will be more than enough for the hubby to tackle while I am at the hospital or home recovering with a cute squishy baby!  When you throw in homework...  Well...  lets hope the teachers are lenient that week.  My mommy will be here to so I am hoping that my crazy organizing will help everyone involved so I can just relax.  LOL

This is the EARLIEST I have EVER had Valentine's done for my kids friends!  Usually I have them help a little more than this year, but I was going for quick and easy.  This year they all got the same thing to pass out, instead of me letting them pick.  They don't seem to mind!  Why have I always done 3 different Valentine's?  *Palm to forehead...

First off I ordered 2 sets of THESE CRAZY STRAWS off Amazon.  Living in ND... Amazon becomes your best friend.  LOL  As you can see, there are TONS of different colors and shapes, the straws seem study and I am sure they will be a hit!
Then I created a print out that was simple.  All my kids have to do is sign it!  No need to make sure each individual classmate has their name on it right?  I did create 3 different colors, per each childs request.  
One boy requested blue. 

One boy requested red.
And my daughter wanted pink!
This was the longest part.  I had the kids sign them before even cutting them out.  I let them cut them out even though...  It wasn't that hard and I knew I could cut about 5 sheets at once and be done WAY faster, but... I like to let them help.  I did do all the hole punching!  I have a Crop-a-dile where I could stack about 30 of them together and punch all at once.

Next I just slide them onto the straws!  
*HINT:  Slide the bottom of the straw onto the Valentine first, sliding it a little higher than you want it to set.  THEN slide the top part of the straw into place.  These straws are just bendy enough that if you need to bend the straw to get it on there you can!
SEE!  Simple, easy, cheap, and DONE!  
Hope at least one more person can use these than me!

CLICK HERE for the ExStraw Blue!
CLICK HERE for the ExStraw Pink!
CLICK HERE for the ExStraw Red!


  1. None of your downloads work!

    1. Thanks for letting me know! My brother just redid my download site and some of them are being silly!