Wednesday, March 3

Music Fishin'

Here's an idea I created for when our chorister isn't able to come last minute! Print, laminate, and cut out the fish and worms so they will last. On the fish write the names of some songs for review, on the worms write how to sing it! (Normal, opera, standing, humming....) Make a fishing pole by using a dowel, string and a magnet. I ended up using a kiddy Spiderman one. The senior primary loved it!
Stick a paper clip to the mouth of each fish and spread them out on the floor. Place the worms in a bucket! Have the kids draw out a worm first, because you can't get a fish without a worm. Last, let the kids fish away!
To download the fish click here and for the worms click here!
It may also be helpful to download the songs to CD. This way if your music leader doesn't come either you are covered! You came download primary music for free from the church website or just click here!
*I found the clipart by doing a Google search. I can not find the same art again to give credit, but trust me... I can't draw so they aren't mine!

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