Tuesday, March 2

Gone today, Hair tomorrow

Ok... I've heard to use Karo Syrup or honey, but NOTHING works like good ol' fashion Elmer's! My mother did this to me and my sisters when we were teensie and I did this to my baby girl!

Just purchase a TON of ribbon of the spool at your local craft or fabric store. (I only buy about 1/2 a yard and make about 2-3 bows with each.) Then attach to the desired part of her noggin with a dab of Elmer's Glue! Don't worry. Elmer washes easily with water. I would give my girl a bath and it would just slowly come off whilst was washing her hair molecules.

Note: This is a GREAT easy gift for a baby shower! I usually give it along with homemade wipes!

Warning: Just because she has a cute pink bow GLUED to her little head will probably not stop people from calling your sweet female a boy. Silly heads.

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