Friday, March 5

Rainbow Crayons

Ok... Wracking my brains on what to do for St. Patrick's Day, besides our usually family tradition which I will post later cause I'm to excited about these! I asked my 3 year old son and he handed me the crayons that came in his "lunch box" he purchased from the thrift store. He was confused why anyone would put crayons in a lunch box. Anyways... he said we could color a rainbow.... well... I took it one step further!

First I divided the crayons into separate color piles.

Next I unwrapped and broke them into smaller pieces. After which I placed them in muffin cups with double the paper in case the wax was... well... to waxy!

Then I put them into the oven preheated to 275. And we watched em melt!

This is the crayons at 8 minutes.

This is the crayons at 14 minutes! I actually walked away and came back and BAM! Melted crayons. Happened fast!

After letting them cool I popped 'em out of their muffin papers and TaDAAAAA! Giant Rainbow crayons. I actually think this would be MUCH easier with new crayons instead of recycled old ones. The papers were a pain in the patootie. I also think they would be fun with mixed colors instead of one color per cup. Then they would be easy for little fingers and much harder to break. I think the only thin bad about these crayons is the mess they would make if they melted in your car! I'm so gunna make these for our nursery kids!

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