Thursday, March 4

Caught Being Reverant

Ok... One of the things we struggled with the most when we came into the Primary Presidency is reverence. I would say we have a medium size Primary of around 45-50 active children. One thing that has worked WONDERS are these badges one of the counselors came up with. I'm certain she got the idea from, but I can't find the link!

We cut out and tied these CBR (Caught Being Reverent) Badges to yarn. We place one in each teachers roll. We started by handing them out, but it's hard to keep track of what kids have gotten them, plus we wanted to encourage more reverence in the classrooms. Also... the teachers know the kids a little better and know if one kids is... well... not the most reverent, but is defiantly improving in their efforts. It's amazing the effect these badges have had on our primary. I'm SURE thankful to Sister Heather Shirley for finding them!
Feel free to download the CBR badges I created by clicking here!
Ok... I found the link here and she even got it from someone else! Still, thank you to whoever came up with the idea!


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  2. Jess, imagine my surprise when I googled "caught being reverent badges" and saw your website pop up. And even more surprised when I saw my name listed as credit for finding the idea. Although I don't remember doing it. It was SOOO long ago. However, I too think it must have been sugar doodle. They are my usual source. :) Once I saw the design I remembered that it was you who made it. We are in desperate need to start this program here. I've been telling our current presidency about these and that I would try to find them to print out. It was fun to find your post and remember our time serving together. xoxo