Sunday, April 25

Batman Birthday

My son's birthday isn't until June, but as usual he has his theme all picked out. That got me thinking that I should do a post about his past birthday! Hooray Birthday!

As you can tell by the post that year it was Batman! I try my hardest to do EVERYTHING pretty cheap and us things around the house to create a party. While I'm a fan of huge parties that cost a ton, I'm not a fan of being the one to shell it out! I've learned that you can do some pretty cool stuff on a shoe string budget. Plus... you have to get creative, so chances are your party will have things no other will! That being said... let me roll down the list of what I did!

Invites - $6.00 Total
I traced white envelopes on card-stock (4.00) to create black ones and then wrote the addresses on with a silver pen. Inside were stickers($2) I found at Michael's. There was over a hundred little ones in the pack so I just split them up. I got 1 pack of Batman and another of Little Ponies for the girls! I had blue card-stock on which I printed a googled Batman signal. The wording for the back said:
"Batman has requested
your help on a mission! _____ is
Turning 3, But he needs your help
to celebrate! Be at _____________
from 11:00-13:00 for hero training
on ________________. Please com
in your secret identity. Super
hero attire & fuel (lunch)
will be provided."

Bat Capes - (15.00)
I consider myself pretty handy with a sewing machine, so I bought 8 yards of black fabric for a $1 a yard, (Say $9 including tax?) I bought bought 4 rolls of black ribbon ($4.00) and yellow shirt paint ($3.00) to finish them! All I did was make a stencil with cardstock and sponge yellow bat symbols. After that dried I straight sewed the edges and put about 3/4 yard of ribbon on one end for a tie (I can't find a picture of these, but I know that did gather the top a little so the neck portion would be smaller.)

Bat Cake - $8.00

This on is pretty self explanatory. It's just a chocolate double layer circle cake ($4 for 2 boxes) with chocolate frosting($2 for 2 thingies.) and a yellow bat symbol($2 for 1 tube)!

Bat Cave - $13

Ok... this was everyones favorite part! I thew some black balloons ($4.00) and some black streamers ($3) all over their toy room and pretty much just threw a giant bag of cheap candy ($6)all over the floor. Then they ran everywhere and found the candy! Simple. Cute. Candy!

The rest of the party was simple. We ate dino chicken nuggets($10), the kids ran all over the back yard in their capes and my hubby (who is a wrestler and amateur MMA fighter.) showed them how to defender themselves.
Party Total - $52

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