Thursday, April 22

Conference Stickies

I created this as a handout for Visiting Teaching, but it really could be used for anything. I picked quotes that stood out to me, but you could easily remove them and add your own.

For Visiting Teaching and Home Teaching this month you are to read and select a talk from conference to present to the people you visit. I choose quotes from several talk for the handout. The conference talks are available on a NEW beta website created specifically for conference! YEAH!!
To print click here to download the file I created. Then print ONLY page #1. After that center some sticky notes over the squares on page #1 and place the page back into the print. Be sure that it's facing the correct way before you hit print (You might want to do a tester.) When printing on the stickies be sure to print ONLY page #2! Voile! You are done. Easy Cheesy Punkin Kneesy.

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