Saturday, May 1

Yo Yo Yo

Ok... how I never learned this simple sewing fru fru thing is beyond me. My wonderful Aunt came by over Thanksgiving last year and showed us how! (Along with another cute crafty thing that I will post later!)

She had a giant bag of these Yo Yo's. Whenever her daughter would get into trouble she would have to make these! lol It's a great idea really. Makes something creative and it's simple, so you can still think about what you did wrong. I'm totally going to use that! Anyways....

Start with a circle of fabric about 5- 8 inches. Use whatever suits your purpose. Just remember your finished project will be half that size! For this tutorial I used some pretty stiff satiny red fabric (I guess if you are reading this you can see the picture though right?)

Then get a needle and thread and start ANYWHERE in your circle sewing a simple straight stitch around the edges. It DOES NOT have to be pretty or even at all. Notice my spaces are not all even... just be sure that you are far enough away from the edge that the fabric won't fray and your stitches don't slip off!

Then... just keep going all the way around.


Knot your thread.

Hooray you are done! See Simple easy and cute to add to any project! Put a button in the middle or a rossette! I believe I turned this one into a hair clip!

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