Sunday, April 4

"Kranz" Bunz

So I ask what she would like me to do to her hair this morning and she answers, "Kranz Buns!" Hmmm.... What is that? "Mommy... It's 3 piggies here with big circles and then a bun on this side." Like I'm suppose to read her mind right? lol Well... here it is. Kranz buns. She actually said that I did it wrong. The circles are supposed to pop up like a rainbow. Ooops. What was I thinking. She said I could try it again later.

First drench that hair! Then place 3 piggies on one side. You could do them on the front, even to one side, or diagonal to one side like we did. (Or maybe they can only go diagonal. I don't know... apparently there is a method to this hair do only a 5 year old can understand.) Anyways, put all the hair that isn't in a small piggy in one big pony on the side.

Then flip the small ones through!

Next divide the middle section in half and tie a loose knot with one of the side sections.

Then keep on goin! I ended up securing mine under the big pony with bobby pins for now.

Do this to both sections and then secure everything in a nice tight bun!

Just twist, twist, twist that large section of hair until it won't twist anymore and then secure it with a clear elastic.

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