Friday, April 9

Easy Braid Headband

This is a great hair do for if you have to time and no mirror, but still want to do something pretty! I love doing this to my hair cause I have a darker color underneath so it looks like I have fake hair on top! lol

First start by taking a small section of hair approximatly behind each ear and braiding them. You can do this a little higher if you have shorter hair. It will just take playing with for your length!
You can skip this step, but for this day I teased my hair to give it volume behind the headband. I simply parted a section of hair around the crown of my hair to leave straight. Then teased away at several sections behind that.
Next I pulled it all up into a half pony, leaving the braided parts and hair surrounding them down. Next you will be making your headband!
Simply take one tiny braid and pull it across the top of your head to where the other brain begins and bobby pin into place. Do the same with the other!.
To finish this today I took the strands of hair near the crown in front of the braids and pulled the to the back, covering the beginnings of my headband and the pins! I wrapped them around the pony in the back and pinned them underneath.
See! cute and Easy! You could easily do many variations of this. Try one braid and pulling it into a ponytail. That would be even easier!

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