Thursday, April 8

Magnifying Magnets

OK... I saw this at a friends house and had to make a tutorial!!!!! I did also find several tutorials online, but... for myself (cause I do want to print the blog one day) I decided to do one anyways!
So... You are going to need those marbles that are flat on one side that you put in fishy tanks or flower vases, magnets that are slightly smaller than those and some crafty goop! Oh... and some tiny pictures to magnify.
Grab which marble rock you are gunna use and search through your pictures to decided what you want to magnify!

Trace your picture and cut it out... It's hard to tell, but for the tutorial pictures I used big flat marbles.

These tend to NEVER be the same round shape, so make sure that after you trace your image it's the same direction when you cut and glue it!

For this magnet I decided to back it with a flower... just cause. Also... I started with smaller marbles and they were slightly smaller than my magnet, so I was looking for a way to cover the magnet... Just thought it was cute so I decided to do it with a larger one!
Also... instead of finding flowers that were the same color to match my pictures... I buy all white and color them like this! I put the flower on a scratch piece of paper and rub it with an ink pad or some scrapbooking pens.

After you have all your layers place a tiny dot of craft glue on your picture (make sure you are doing this on some good scratch paper). Next press you marble on top and watch to see that the glue squeezes evenly out to the sides of the marble. Then... do this with the rest of the layers!

Make sure that your new pretty magnets dry for a couple of hours before you use them! here are pictures of the front and back! And a few others that I made... this is a VERY addictive and super easy craft!

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