Tuesday, April 13

Unicorn Twists From Back

So... today she wanted 3 unicorn twist coming from the back! I am quickly discovering that a braided headband will do ALOT!

I started with the french braided headband.
Then pull half of the remaining hair into a side pony.
Next I made 3 Unicorn twists, as per request. Notice I twisted them up, towards the crown instead of down towards the neck like you usually would.

Next I took each unicorn twist and individually looped them through on part of the braid. After that I simply pulled all three ends together in the side pony. (I think that made sense.... Hmmm....)

Gather all the remaining hair into a side pony... My hope was that this would cover the beginnings of our twists, I should have left some of the first side pony out at the far side. I guess you could do this in the back too, but I wanted to be sure she could see the unicorn twists!

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