Monday, April 12

"X" Braid with Pigs

This hair came about when my little girl wanted wavy hair. It was morning and no time for french braiding and drying.... So I asked her if we could do it the next day! My plan was to make her second choice somehow able to do the wavies she wanted. I was troubled when she asked for a headband and piggies, but... it wasn't near as hard as I thought!

First I divided the hair into 4 sections. 2 in the front and 2 in the back, the part should make a nice cross through the top of her noggin! Make sure the bottom 2 sections are secured nicely... this will help to keep hair away from the headband.
I started with the front left section and french braided it near the back of the section.
When I got to the center I simply took the bottom right section and started french braiding with it!
I braided all the way down and left a loopy at the end.
Do the same with the top right to the bottom left and presto! Headband and piggies that will give wavy hair the next day!

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