Sunday, May 2


Rosettes are simple to make and you can use them on ANYTHING! (Well... I would recommend putting them on your spaghetti, but I think you knew what I meant!) I've been using them on a few of the hair bows I've made for my little girl. You could put them on purses or backpacks, jeans or jackets, I have a friend who put several on a pillow and it was so cute! These are one of those things that you look at and think, "Gee, that would take forever and I bet it's hard." It's so NOT!

Start with a circle of fabric. Mine was about 5 inches. You can use pretty much any fabric. It just depends on what texture you would like. If you use fleece I would recommend making your shape more oval or it's pretty chunky.

Now get your needle and thread ready. (Your fingers will be busy by the time you actually need it.) Now just rolly-roll your fabric circle into a tube.

This next part I couldn't take a picture of cause... well... it was too hard and you guys are smart! But, you just roll it into a snail, making sure you keep the tube in place.

For this step you need to make sure you are squishing it to keep it in place. Take you needle and poke it through all the layers! Pretty much you are going to try and make a stay with your needle. Where you needle comes out poke it near the exit, but not in the same spot and heading a different direction! When you have made you star you should have gotten all the layers from enough angles so that your rosette will stay together. Tie your thread in a knot to hold!

YEAH... now go people! Rosette the World!!

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