Tuesday, May 4

Dud Cookies

This could work for fun or for a thank you!  Who doesn't like chocolate, caramel and sprinkles!  Introducing the Giant Milk Dud Cookie!  These cookies are moist and gooey when fresh, but.... if you end up packaging them for a gift it would prolly be good to add a note to microwave so they get the full gooey milk dud effect.

I used these as a Teacher Appreciation gift with a tag saying, "Thanks for not being a Giant Dud."  I guess it could sound harsh, but... my teachers had great personalities!  To download the tag I created click here!

The recipe to create the cookies is relatively easy.  You could roll them in powdered sugar or a different sprinkle.  I actually got the idea from a farm themed party.   They had theirs smooshed a little flatter to resemble... well... what would you find on the floor of a barn?  It was cute... and creepy, but the kids loved it!  Click here to download the recipe.

I used the Magic Rainbow Kit by Rhonna Farrer to create the recipe page and tag.  It can be downloaded for free from Twopeasinabucket.com!

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