Wednesday, May 26

Easy Braid Headband

Raise you hand if you like easy!   (I jump up and down... with hand flailing...)  ME ME!!!   I'm a huge fan!  This is a hair do that is quick easy and super simple!

Start by taking a small portion from the front and putting the remaining back hair into a temporary pony. The divide the front section in half.... I did mine where her hair naturally parts, but you can divide them evenly in half too...  That would be even easier... you will see why.  Anyways...  Braid the two sections and just leave em hangin.
See, this is why it would be easier for most to divide the hair evenly in half.... My little girls hair is pretty fine, so I ended up doing some french braiding.... but not all the way... you will notice if you look close that I only did pieces of it.  And I didn't french very long!  Just past the ear.
Now... I undid my temp pony and pulled out a small section from underneath... then put the temp pony back in!
Now.... grab both braids and pony them to this little section at the nape of her neck!

Then you can take the rest of the hair out and style how you would like.   Or... do a cute updo or messy bun!

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