Thursday, May 27

Homemade Laundry Detergent

OK... I'm for sure not going to take credit for this.  I have a friend across the street who makes this and I LOVE LOVE LOVE any way possible to pinch some pennies.  Thank you Melanie Shult!  Also... thank you Duggars... It's your recipe I'm using!  I did google and find several recipes, but I also had several questions so... I'm lucky to have found 2 great sources!

Duggar's Laundry Soap Recipe

4  Cups - hot tap water

1  Fels-Naptha soap bar
1 Cup - Arm & Hammer Super WASHING SODA
½ Cup Borax

So... really this post is to give some a few tips as to questions I had when I was making it.  I followed the Duggar recipe to a "T"...  Almost.  I was lazy and cut the bar into chunks.  But... let me start at the beginning.

  1. Their recipe says to use the Fels Naptha bar soap and WASHING SODA!
  2. They use the Fels Naptha because many other soaps can leave a residue on your clothing after a couple washes.
  3. I like ordering things offline, but the link on the Duggar's site always says OUT OF STOCK.  Poopy!  So...  Melanie told me which Ace Hardware to buy washing soda and Fels Naptha here in our area.  I had previously google and found that Ace seems to have the best price and... they have BOTH!   Just check the cleaner isle.  They are right next to each other by the other laundry detergents.
  4. Chunk vs Grated: With my test I'm gunna say grated is the winner.  Several recipes I found said they cut their soap into chunks.  I made mine at night and I was tired, but knew I would need to do laundry in the morning.  I thought I was saving time, but.... due to the need to melt the chunks... grating would have been much faster!
  5. Many sites say the consistency is strange the next morning.  I'm gunna call it egg-like.   I have posted a video so that words need not describe.  I may be calling mine egg-like because I had a spot where some chunks that never melted created a sort of yolk.  I swear it is much more visible on video than in real life!          
  6. I have kept my soap in the bucket and been transferring it to a laundry soap container as needed.  I have been through 2 bottles and am LOVING IT!!!

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