Sunday, May 9

Primary 6 Lesson 16

Hooray for teaching primary!!!!  They just released me as Primary President in my ward because... well... we thought we were moving.  Turns out last minute, we aren't leaving for another 6 months.  Now I live in a house of boxes, but.... I get to teach primary!  I'm so excited.  It makes me sad when I here people complaining about teaching primary.  I know how hard it is to keep primary teachers.  Right now.... I just don't get it.  I never have!  Maybe one day I will need a primary break, but.. not yet!   It's a rare few who appreciate the simplicity and honor it can be to be a primary teacher.  As a teacher you are simply called to teach a lesson every Sunday.  It comes from a manual and the lessons are VERY well outlined.  For the most part you just need patience!  As parents job is to teach their children first, I consider it an honor that some would allow me to teach a lesson to their children that could very well impact the very way they look at and handle life.  Parenting is such a great resposiblilty.  I thank those of you parents who are subjecting your kids to my crazy personality every Sunday.  I promise to try hard and teach only things you and our Father in Heaven would have them learn....
***Steps down from her Soap Box....***

On to my lesson idea! Lesson 16 is on Joseph in Egypt, click here to view the lesson online.  The manual asks us to read  Genesis 39-41 as preparation.   The purpose of the lesson is "To encourage the children to keep themselves pure by staying away from temptation and living close to the Lord."  In the beginning of the lesson if gives an attention activity where you place 2 magnets on the table with a paper clip in the middle, one to represent our Heavenly Father and one Satan, the paper clip is us.  The activity is to show how the closer we place our standards to those Heavenly Father would have us follow, the stronger his pull is and the weaker Satan's power can be.  I choose to make magnets for the kids in my class to take home.  I already had the stuff to make them.  A tutorial on how to make these can be found by clicking here!  I cut out pictures of Christ from the Ensign, a church magazine, to place behind my marbles.

Another thing the lesson suggests is to bring a fan and some paper and show the blow of the air.  It's the same idea, but the further away from the fan the less the paper blows.  I brought a roll of toilet paper and a hair dryer instead... (See mom!  Toilet papering in high school does help with something later in life!)  I placed the roll on the end of the wooden spoon blew it with the hair dryer at the class and toilet papered them!  After everyone calmed down I explained that, while in class this is funny, in real life the bad actions we make can affect those around us.  When we choose wrong, those who love us hurt for us.  

After passing out the marble magnets at the end, I also gave them each one of these! (Next week I will pass out something similar, but with no cute paper on the back... the boys ripped if off and started making airplanes with the back paper!  At least they kept the front right?  lol)
It's an overview of the lesson from this week as well as the scriptures that the manual asks to review for next week!  To download the file click here!  I told them that I wasn't going to teach next week.  I wanted them too.  I plan on handing out next weeks "gift" by how well they teach the lesson!  I will of course be directing the teaching and probably leading most of the class.  We will see how it works out! 

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