Sunday, May 16

Primary 6 Lesson 17

This week the lesson is on Joseph forgiving his brothers.  First, obviously, you are going to need your lesson this week! Click here!   This week we are asked "To help each child have the desire to forgive others."   

My only difference this week was with one of the extra activities!  Instead of giving the kids a piece of paper to tie around their neck I created a whole page that I packing taped to their backs!  First I had then all stand and repeat after me.  The pledge went something like this.  "I, _________, promise my most beautiful and favorite primary teacher and myself that I will forgive others to the fullest extent."  Something like that.  I then reminded them that they must even forgive me for taping a large sign on their backs!  It was really cute to see people stopping them on the way to sharing time and ask why they had those.

"Because I promised!"  

I asked that they place these signs in their home, somewhere they would see them all the time.  I love them!  To download my sign click here!
I had 2 out of 7 read the scriptures so they could help me tell the story!  I was glad... there were alot of scriptures on that list.  I did give less for this reading this week.  The handout with topic discussed today and the scriptures for next week can be downloaded by clicking here.  My most favorite part of this was watching how much more careful they were with their assignments when they realized that I really wanted hem to read it!

I can't wait for next week! 

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