Sunday, May 30

Primary 6 Lesson 19

This lesson was a snap!  Partly because there are so many movies about the story of Moses that the kids new the story well.  I just made sure I read the scripture well so I would know what to tell them actually happened and what was just part of a movie.

Today's story was the portion where Moses goes to ask Pharaoh to let the Hebrews leave Egypt, then the plagues, then the crossing of the Red Sea.  It focused on teaching the children that "the children that the priesthood is the power of God." To view the lesson online click here.

For this lesson I created a mini matching game to help them teach the story to their families!  My hope was that they would use it as a Family Home Evening on Monday.  Just download the file and print onto heavy cardstock.  Some kids wanted to color.  Others didn't... I left it up to them.  I do wish I would have remembered to bring paper bags for the kids who ended up cutting theirs at church!  Silly me.

To download my matching game click here!
Most of the clip art was found at, the fly I found at, and the Red Sea at!  Thank you!

I also created my usual handout for the kids to take home.  The top portion has highlights from today's lesson and a scripture reading assignment for the next week!  Click here to get that!

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