Monday, May 31

Unicorn Cornrows

First let me thank the many soldiers who sacrifice their time to watch over our nation in a way that so many are not willing to do.  I LOVE spending Memorial Day with my family and especially my wonderful husband, who is a stupendous Father, kind Husband, perfect Friend and companion and courageous Warrior by far!  Now that being said... what is something fun to do over Memorial Day Weekend?  How about a bike ride!  Oh... need some cute hair with that!  OK!

Ok... so my next few hair posts will be bike helmet friendly!  This one is graduation cap friendly as it was actually for her preschool graduation, but... with summer here and the windy and cold subsiding somewhat on certain days in out area (don't want to jinx it!)  Our summer trips to the library by bike are on!  Our new problem is cute hair that will work under a helmet and be kept off her neck.  Sweaty bike helmet necks are no fun to snuggle.  And... now that we are doing cute hair.  The normal pigtails or low pony won't cut it.  Besides... they get all frizzy when you remove your helmet and you have to redo then anyways!

If you don't know how to do a French Unicorn a link will be here in the future!!

All I did for the hair was part the front part where I knew her graduation cap was going to be.  For a bike helmet do, I would make if more oval to cushion the helmet. 

I then divided that part into 3 diagonal sections and french unicorned away!  For the bike I would have finished it with 1 low pony to the side.  For graduation we did down with curls!

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