Sunday, June 13

Pull Through Ponytails (Topsy Tails)

OK... so someone asked me at church how to do the pull through ponies from the Triple Heart Ponytail a few days ago.  Somehow I couldn't quite explain so.... here is a post for those of you who didn't know how to do that!  Sorry...

These pull through ponies are an easy way to hold back stray from wisps or do one giant one in a pony to spice it up a bit.  For this tutorial I ended up doing a row of tiny ones to spice up a half pony.

Start with a loose pony.
Divide between the scalp and pony holder in half.
Flip the strand of hair forward through the hole there.
Push through!
Then sinch tight!
I did a row of them and put remaining ponies into a half pony!
So cute right!

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