Monday, June 21

Melly Apron

My friend, Melly, had on of these at her home!  This is such a cute idea to dress up that boring bottle of dish detergent that always sits on your kitchen counter!  I stole it, well... I guess borrowed since she knew that I had it, and made a pattern to share with the world!  EVERYONE MUST HAVE WELL DRESSED DISHSOAP!!!!!  When doing the cleaner photoshoot I realized that I did not have a large dishsoap I use a small!  So...  this picture is with window cleaner AND  I will be creating a small one later! lol

To start just download the pattern I created by clicking here.  Remember to be creative when making this!  Add what ever kind of fru fru you would like!  This is also a great pattern to use up scraps.  It has a pocket in the front where you can keep a scrubby?  I dunno... who cares about functionality.  It's way cute!

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