Tuesday, July 13


I found this on a CD of freezer meal recipes I got at an Enrichment Activity a few years ago.  I've been using it religiously!  I have prettied it up for you and made/added some changes as to what I have found works a little better.  

Pretty much you just pick one food from each category and you have yourself a One-Pot-Meal!  I love this cause I take my hubby food at work and it's so much easier if it's all in one dish.

But before I give you the recipe... some Tragic new.   I have one of these from Pampered Chef....
Image via mywoodenspoon.com

It is what I always use for this recipe.  I went to search for an image and... THEY HAVE RETIRED THIS PRODUCT!  I think... I couldn't find a picture on their website and the catalog said NOT AVAILABLE.  So sad!  I love it!  Why would they do this to Pampered Chef lovers!  Ok... I'm over it cause I have one, but those of you who don't may now take a break to grab a chocolate bar and some tissues. 

You can use a simple baking or casserole dish for this, I just love my Pampered Chef Stoneware!

Now... to download and print the recipe click here!  You won't regret it!

I used the Dinner Party Kit downloaded for free from Twopeasinabucket.com to make the recipe paper a little cuter.

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