Tuesday, August 10

Daisy Hair Flower

OK.. these are pretty basic and simple.  I have people ask me all the time were I buy them cause the can get pricey if you make them yourself!  Embellish these however you like!  Mix and match petals!  Add some fabric or ribbon!  This is just a basic one to get you started!
Take apart your flower!  Clip that middle yellow portions as short as you can.

Get a piece of ribbon about 6 inches and poke it through all the layers of your flower...   by the loop!  You want the loop in the back.
On the back side put your hair clip through the loop and pull tight!

Thread ends on the other side through a button.

Double knot and clip the ends.

Hot glue the back the flower to your clip.
Generously apply hot glue around the button.  (I ended up putting more than shown here.

Press your middle on, curving the flower petals up to it.

Taa Daaaaa!  Done!

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