Sunday, August 15

Old Navy Inspired Necklace AND GIVEAWAY!

My very first giveaway shall be a necklace!   *Crowds cheering and ooooing in ah*  Not only any necklace though... an Old Navy Inspired Necklace!  So... read the tutorial and see how to win a beautiful necklace made by me, or... don't... just read the tutorial and make one yourself, but...  why would you do that when you could get one for free?
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I have seen these other places, but the one place I really remember is Old Navy!  I love the idea of this necklace!  They are so pretty!  My only deal is when I saw it I thought... "I could make that."  So I did.  I have usually seen them with beads the same size as the ribbon and they are usually done on a much larger scale.

I decided to see how these would look on slightly smaller scale.  I must say that the first one I made turned out magnificent!  Here is how to make em!
To start you will need embroidery floss, beads and at least 4 feet of ribbon That length will also depend on the size of your beads.  I would just keep you ribbon on the spool to be safe!
I started about 12 inches down from the tip of my ribbon.
Using a whole piece of embroidery floss I tied a double knot at the end and threaded through one bead and the ribbon.  (I just noticed that this picture is backwards.  Be sure that your needle is going the other direction!  Bead to ribbon.  lol
I then used a smaller matching bead and went through it, around and then back through the first bead.
This picture I took just so you could see what was going on better.  I wrapped the ribbon around to the other side of the bead and right where the hole would be when you wrap it... Poke your thread through. Then back into another bead.
Just keep going in this fashion.  Threading a bead and wrapping the ribbon.
At the end... Do the same thing to finish... only this time when poking through the last bead and then the second to last.  Using your needle wrap your thread around the thread inside this.  
To finish it off I burned the ends slightly so they wouldn't fray.  And to put it on I just tied it into a pretty bow!
Such a pretty necklace... and a pretty model!
Here is what it looked like from the side.

You will be trying to win one of these 3 necklaces.  You may choose between the Pink.
This Brown.  (It's made from a thinner ribbon.)  I also just noticed what an awful picture this is!  Much prettier in person.  The beads are slightly reddish.
Or this Black and Cream one.  (I tried using a very tiny thin ribbon for this one.  It still cute, but I think I personally like the thicker ribbon.)  

To enter you must leave a comment!  One for each of the following reasons, so you get more than one entry!

1) Follow my blog!

3) Blog or Facebook about my Giveaway.

4) You may also get 1 entry for every 5 friends you invite to "Like" my facebook page.

5)Another entry for commenting on your favorite Sherbert Cafe idea!

Good Luck!  The contest will go through until next Saturday!


  1. It's a sign!! The first time Sherbert Cafe allows me to leave a comment, and it's on your giveaway! I love the necklaces, if I win I want the brown one ;-)

    And my favorite Sherbert Cafe idea is the Primary stuff, especially the CBR's.

  2. This is Jess commenting for Lisa cause she used 2 things.... Remember to leave a comment for each thing! (The more comments the more chances to win! lol

  3. Oh oh oh, pick me, pick me, I have never won anything on a blog before. I love your blog, you are so creative. Your tie dye post has inspired me to attempt to make a few shirts. -Melissa W.

  4. I tried to "like" you on facebook but I think I already did in the past. Does that count?

  5. I love the pink one! So cute. When you say floss is that just a fancy word for thread or do I need to actually look for something with that name on it? You know I am crafty! hahahahahaha

  6. That comment above is me! I am not sure why it didn't say that was me!

  7. We'll their ya go again. Makin' somin' kewl! They are all very nice and you could wear them anywhere any time...kudos!

    Love Aunt Diane

  8. I just found out that my extended family is doing homemade Christmas gifts. I think I'll make one of these for Princess Lydia, my sweet niece. If I have trouble, I'll be on your doorstep. : )

  9. I love your stuff i wish i was as crafty as you are! I want to make them flip flops from the twilight ones soon.. I love every thing on your blog1!!