Tuesday, September 7

The Creative Traditions Winner!

Alright... no complaining that you didn't win cause I kept the comments open a whole extra day!  lol  None the less...  Our winner is...

Drum roll please.....................

I wish I could figure out how to post the picture from Random.org to show you that this is who it picked, but for now you will have to trust me!  Random.org selected...

#3 Tamisha Stevens, who said, "I love them all!!! BUT if I had to pick I would love the apron it's so hot! :)"

Congratulations Tamisha!  Your bib is on it's way ASAP!

A big thanks again to Jennifer Bass of Creative Tradition for hosting this giveaway!  You guys are amazing!

1 comment:

  1. YYYYYYYEEEEESSSSSS!!!!! AWESOME!!!!Thanks Jessica and Jennifer Bass of Creative Tradition! I did enjoy the compitition! You're all so amazing!!! :)