Sunday, September 5

Pull Through Headband

This one was FAST and very easy.  It's great for if you don't have much time in the morning.
Section out the front part of her hair where you want the headband to be placed.
Start from one side and do a Pull Through pony, pulling it through in the direction we are going to make the headband... UP!  lol  If you aren't sure how to make a pull through, click here for my tutorial.
Then, take the hair left from the pull through and add it to another small section of hair and do another pull through in the same direction.
Do this all the way across until you come to the end of your headband.  I ended up with 5 small pull through ponies all linked together to make a headband!
Here is a top view.
Here is the finished side view!


  1. Wow! I love it!
    How creative!
    I will have to try it on my grandaughter~
    Thank you for sharing~