Sunday, October 17

T Shirt Headband

OK... I originally cut up this shirt to make over a different one.  Click here for the tutorial that used this to start with.  I had extras of this light blue shirt, so I made a matching head band!  
 The main band of the headband came just from one of those strips you see above.  I stretched it and found that wrapped twice around my head it was a perfect fit!
 I then cut some circles from the top bodice part of the shirt.  I used a cup for measurement.  I made three sizes: Large, Medium, and Small!  lol  For the medium and small you need 3 circles, Large I used 4.  Fold all but one of your circles in half twice.
See... Here are both circles for the medium flower, back to back...
 This picture is bad, but... with a needle and tread sew through all the layers at the tips of your folded flowers, then sew them down into the middle of your last circle.
 On the back of that just work and crumple it, sewing back and forth until it's fairly secure and then hand-stitch it to your headband!
Here are all 3 flowers stitched to the finished headband.  It was pretty easy with minimal sewing!
 Here is a picture of the original shirt the scraps came from (Again... click here for that tutorial) and the cute headband!

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