Saturday, November 27

Baby Brace or Cast Cover

We were at a little girls birthday party in a beautiful split level home.  My older 2 were down in the den aread watching the magic show.  I was up by the kitchen and living room area so my baby could play with toys away from the screaming fun!

I was standing by the stairs, watching the show, when 1 year old Grifin came and stood next to me.  I thought nothing of it.  He goes up and down the stairs in our house all the time.  I guess in the rush of fun he though, "Huh...  I'm just gunna step down instead of slide on my tummy."  Yeah... he can't do that!  There were only 5 little steps so I attempted a calm rush down the stairs to comfort what I assumed was a just scared baby and take him away from the party so the others could have fun.

We calmed him with ice cream and then I took him into the living room to check body parts.  In my head I new something wasn't right, but kept telling myself he was ok.  It was a pretty slow and short fall, but it was straight forward.  I check his legs.  He could walk.  I felt his torso and he never winced.  Then he got up, walked away and started playing with toys again.  I still felt weird.

Then... he tried to crawl and reach for a toy and fell FLAT on his face.   I knew something was wrong.  I attempted to stay calm and called my husband at the fire station to see if he could get off work so I could take Grifin in.  Shockingly they let him go.  They all now me.  So does my husband.  They knew I wouldn't call if I didn't feel something was actually wrong.

By the time I got to the ER and 1.5 hours later, his arm started to swell a little.  He did great in the ER.  He truly has the best personality.  He was calm and happy with all the nurses.  He did his normal "studying"  of everything.  (He is so serious.  He stares at everything with a death look.)   He let the doc and 2 different nurses hold, poke, weight, and take his temperature.  During the x-ray he hardly needed holding.  He sat very still and made cute baby noises.  The only time he really got upset was when the doc came in.  He was sitting and turned to use his arm to get up.  We BOTH saw his little arm collapse at the wrist.  They gave him yummy pain meds.

Somehow in that little fall his rubber-band baby bones were hurt.  He has a buckle fracture in BOTH his radius and ulna near his wrist.  I don't know much about bones, but when I saw the x ray I knew it wasn't good!  The doc was pretty shocked and said he is actually going to need a cast for 6 weeks!  They gave him this pretty cool splint until Monday.  They put a sticker on it so he could pick that instead of the wrap.   Of course he yanked in off in the car ride home, but then fell asleep.  I fixed it when we got home, changed his diaper and put him in bed.  He never even woke up!
 Needless to say I felt awful and like the WORST mommy all night.  The only thing that kept me from crying was that Grifin is pretty sensitive.  I new if I cried he would be even more worried.  Rgg...  So... while making this doesn't fix him, it for sure made me feel better!
 I started with an Adult size sock.  I got this from Target in the dollar bin.  I had it in my stash to attempt some cute sock monkeys, but.. I needed it!
 I cut the top part off.
I flipped it inside out and zig zag stitched the edge.
I then put it on him to measure where the base of his thumb was.
 I was going to do a regular button hole, but... sock's don't agree with my already ill sewing machine.  I'm shocked it let me finish this project so easily!
 Here is the end of the new Brace Cover.  I suppose you could just shove a sock over it, but... I'm crazy. The doc said it was important to be able to see his fingers.  You need to check that he is still moving them and that they aren't blue!
Here is a side view.  He has been wearing it about 4 hours now and hasn't bothered with the wrap since! Or course, pain meds and snuggles help too!
Plus...  He is a sucker for suckers!

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  1. AWE! Poor baby! I am glad that you thought of such an awesome way to cover it up though! We all know that you are an awesome mommy!