Tuesday, November 30

Headband Holding Hair

You may notice the headband from a previous post.  Here is a tutorial on how to make it!
My daughter loves headbands, but unless it is held down somehow she can't seem to stand them!  For some reason if I "fix her hair" she doesn't even think about it!  Silly girl!
I start by parting her hair in two places.  One long line parallel with her crown where the headband will lay.  The other on this part is where the flower is one the head band.  If your headband is plane then you can skip that little part!
Next, plop the headband down.
I then grab 2 pieces from the front part of the hair.  One from the left of the flower and one from the right.  I bring them under the flower, but over the headband.
Then I grab a small strand from the opposite side of the headband, right underneath the flower.  I twist, twist, twist the 3 sections together, just so they hold.  The clip is just there so I could take a picture.  Normally I just hold onto it with my hand so I can grab a little elastic.
I then put an elastic around the 3 twisted sections as close to the flower as I can get.  I kinda push it up a little so this one is hidden under the flower!  Do you recognize the headband yet?
Aurora has very fine hair and everything seems to fall out, so I put two more ponies in.  I just grab a section of hair from the front of the headband and then a smaller section from the opposite side.  I stick the 2 parts together with an elastic!
This is a very simple and quick way to get a headband down.  you could braid the front sections, or braid the 3 parts hanging down in the back... Be creative!  This is a fun way to spend time with your daughter!

Here is a tutorial for the Capri Sun Flower Headband again!

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