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On My List {Part 1}

I'm so excited!  I've never participated in a blog hop before.  I'm kinda interested in seeing how this works!  

As part of the blog they have given us certain topics to choose to blog about.   There are two things I have been wanting for a while.  I'm not sure if I will get them soon, but... I WANT THEM!!!!  (giggling) The first is one I'm posting because it's more in keeping with the theme of my blog.  I'm going to do a different post for the second one, simply because it's something I didn't know a whole lot about.  I thought the information I used to educate myself would be interesting to others looking for something similar!

Here is what is on the top of my list!
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A Brother Project Runway Limited Edition LB6800 Sewing AND Embroidery Machine!

Right now I have a Singer Esteem from Target.  It is great.  It was my first new sewing machine and it was a gift, so I can't complain. But... I use it ALOT and as a result it has decided to become ill from use! It will only stitch for about an inch before skipping stitches or the thread breaking.  Poop.  I'm pretty handy so I tried everything to fix it.  It seems to just need lots of naps!  I have no clue what is wrong with it but... I've been wanting a fancier machine so, perhaps this is my Singer's way of saying , "GO FOR IT JESS!!!!"

I did my research on the machine before selecting it.  There is one VERY similar by Brother that doesn't have the Project Runway logo.  Here are a few reason why I wanted this one. 

  • The machine is one sale right now!   Both similar machines are.  This one.. not so much, but the difference I call.. reason number 2!
  • The AWESOME bag!  Mine right now doesn't have a container at all!  It will be nice to put fabric in a bag, loop the handle over the suitcase handle and... ROLL to sewing madness with a baby on my hip!
  • Embroidery functions.  I've wanted something that can do more stitches than the 35 I can do now.  I love fancy stitches, but I would love to be able to embroider my kids names.  I don't think that I will be huge into that function for more than the names.  I figure if I really like it, then I will get a big Embroidery machine later!
  • Brother Brand.  Yes... there are many awesome brands out there.  My mom is a Viking Husqavarna person, my Aunt Iris wants a Pfaff one day (Don't we all?).   For the brand question I went straight to my mom and Aunts!  Brother is a reliable brand that is not TOO over priced for me right now.
  • Warranty  Uh... I'm pretty sure that in 25 years they will invent a sewing machine that flies me to Hancock and sews things for me.... So... this machine will last until I no longer need to sew!  lol
  • Project Runway  Ok.. so it wasn't a deciding factor AT ALL  because the 2 machines really are the same, but... this one comes with the bag I want and  OH SO COOL!  I would love to be on Project Runway!  I've never shown many of the things I truly create on here.  I wanted the site to be a fun place to learn and by inspired.  Perhaps I will post pictures to help inspire you?  
Anyways...  I am a pretty flexible person.  I'm open to opinions in this area so... let me know what your favorite sewing machine is!  What would you upgrade to if you had a Singer Esteem?  (Which... while I love it... it's pretty easy to upgrade from!
Click here, eventually for part #2 of On My List!

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