Monday, November 8

Black Skeleton Cupcakes!

Better late then never!
 I made these cupcakes for a Halloween Party.  We arrived about 15 minutes late.  I set them down, got in line for Chili, and... by the time we got to the end of the line they were gone already!!!!  LOL  Apparently a huge hit with the kiddos!

To start I baked 2 dozen Red Velvet Cupcakes from a box mix and while they were cooking and cooling I carefully removed the middles from a pack of Oreo Cookies and crushed the cookie part. I then worked in batches of about 4 to make the faces.
When spreading the chocolate frosting on the round cupcakes I kinda formed a rounded point down at the teeth part.  I then rolled them carefully in the crushed Oreo.
The I placed a small marshmallow cut in half on the top left and an Oreo middle on the top left.
I placed 2 coconut pieces in the middle.
I shoved 3 yogurt covered raisins at the bottom where the extra frosting was!
{Finishing Touch}
I places the extra chocolate frosting in a ziplock bag and cut a tiny whole in the corner.  I then piped on a tiny dot over the marshmallow and a bigger blob for the iris of the bigger eye!

Done!   So cute and yet....  so scary right?  lol

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