Monday, November 8


This is a continuation of the T-Shirt Dress post I created!  I made a little dress for my daughter.  She is very much obsessed with dresses, but... likes to play pretty hard!  We have her wear leggings or shorts under everything.  Luckily there was enough of the red shirt from this to create shorts to go with the dress!
Technically this can work for any size of shorts or pants.... you just need enough fabric!  lol
So here is Aurora... all excited to show her dress of and laughing historically cause I told her to lift up her skirt!  She is so cute!
 I snagged a little pair of shorts she had to go with another skirt..  I decided to make these longer and bigger cause... If I'm takin the time to sew it, I'm makin sure she will be wearing it a long time!  lol  Hard to tell, but the left side of the pant is butted up to the hem of the shirt.  It saved me having to sew that side!  When you cut your own pattern be sure to leave about 3 inches extra AT LEAST at the top to create a waist band!
Before this step I would sew the hip side of the matching pant legs, but... I cheated and didn't have to do that step!  So here are the pants, with right sides facing, all folded out flat!  I am going to sew the booty part. Do you see my fancy schmancy markers?  (The scissors and the nail clippers?)  That is the curve I'm about to sew!
 And... apparently I'm not the best at flipping the photos the right directions, but... here it is with the tushy part sewn.  Next I'm going to match up the inner thigh part.  See the few inches straight down below where I just sewed?  I'm going to take those two and bring them together, placing the seams I just sewed on top of each other like....
After sewing that I simply folded the top part over twice and sewed along it, keeping about a half inch space where I could snake some elastic through.  Now... I didn't sew the elastic stitched.. I just double knotted it... and yes... I did use white thread, sue me!  Actually... I would prefer that you didn't.  Golly if you want me to change the thread that bad I will!  Or... at least say I did!!!!

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