Thursday, November 25

Capri Sun Flower Headband

Funny Story First!

I was attempting to think of ways to make this post a little more Christmasy, because... 'tis Christmas Time! In doing so I was going call the post "Head" Ornament.  But... that gave me another totally cool Christmas idea, so... 
Here is a little Summer to keep you warm during the colder weather!
 I first cut the top part of the empty bags, opened them, cleaned them out, and set them out to dry.
 Then I used a small cup to trace circles on the bottom part.
 Cut out the circles.  One of them I cut slightly smaller than the rest, not by much though.
Get a needle and thread ready.  Flatten out your smaller circles.  These two will be your base.
 Your first layer will be all silver circles.  Start by folding one in half...
 Then in half again.  Place the point in the center of your base circle and stitch in down.
 Do all 4 silver circles.
 Tip: Make sure the folds are all facing the same directions.  Notice the double folded part is touching the single fold of the one next to it.
 Do the same thing with the colored ones.  I wanted the tips  of the petals to have those little cherries on them.   Be careful to fold the colored ones in the same places to create your pattern.   Unless.. you are going for that eclectic look!
 Stitch them all down... On this layer I had the folds facing the opposite direction AND I didn't layer them directly on top of the other triangles.  The center of each of these is lying over top where 2 bottom ones meet.
 Maybe this picture shows that last step a little better.  Also here I sewed a button to the middle!
I thought about covering the headband with a cute ribbon, but I LOVE the plastic raw materials look of the headband with the plastic drink bag flower!  Anyways...  Here is where we are going to attach them. It's pretty technical, so pay VERY close attention!   Pictured is the back of my flower, headband, and then a small circle scrap of the plastic bag.
FIRST  put a glue dot on the flower, THEN stick the headband where you want the flower touching, THEN squish the smaller circle on top.  

See... very technical.  If you mess it up I'm gunna be mad cause I gave you VERY good instructions!  lol  And yes.. feel free to call me a dork.
The last step would be to put it on!  Turned out pretty cute right!

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  1. I just love your blog! You are so creative that I am jealous :)You really are inspiring and I really enjoy looking at all of your crafts. You are amazing!