Monday, November 22

Turkey Snack {School Safe}

Again it was Aurora's turn for snack time at school!  I really wish that we were allowed to handle the food so I could bake something fun, but... I understand.  Allergies.. health safety...   It's all good.  I'm getting fairly good at figuring out how to create cute snacks without touching the food!  They may not be healthy... but... they are fun!
 Here are the main things I started with.
 I tried several different ways of getting those silly Tootsie Rolls to stick.  Scrapbooking Dots didn't work.  I think it's the waxy wrapping paper.  Anyways...  I got my cookie and 4 Tootise Rolls ready next to a hot glue gun.
 Place 4 tiny dots of glue of the far end of the Tootsie Rolls and blow for about 5 seconds so it's not... too hot!  (Or... take a picture, cause that's what I did here!)
 Then plop 'em on the top part of your cookie, wrappers on everything.  Try and arrange the in a curve.
 Next, hold down the end of a bigger Tootsie Roll and put glue on the top half.  Then plop it down right below your "feathers".

Next you are going to want to CLICK HERE to download my printable of the Turkey Heads.
I used 2 double sided scrapbook squares to place my turkey face.
Here they are!  All lined up and waiting to be eaten!

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  1. So cute!! I give it three out of three noms: NOM NOM NOM! One nom for cuteness, one for numminess, and one for ingenuity.