Sunday, November 14

Sunflower Bun

Aurora wanted "Sunflower Hair" to go with her pretty dress at school.  Of course, she would give me a challenge when we are running a little behind on our schedule!  lol  I hope I took good enough pictures that I can explain this alright.
I started by gathering all the hair into a ponytail and then dividing that into 5 smaller ponytails about 3 inches out.  She has pretty thin hair so, if you need to do more ponytails... go for it!
For each of these ponytails I separated them below the pony and.....
Stuck the tiny pony through a few times.  To many this doesn't work...  I would say how many times you sneak it through would depend on how thick thick the hair is.
After that I simple held the tip in place with a bobby pin so it would stay where I wanted!
After doing all the ponies and sticking them into place I stuck the ends back inside with more bobby pins....  It didn't turn out quite how I wanted, but...  We had to do this pretty fast!  
Here is a side view of the "Sunflower Bun"!

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