Friday, November 12

Thanksgiving Door Swag

When unpacking my Thanksgiving decorations I noticed that I don't have a wreath for my door!  I'm very happy to report that the naked Thanksgiving door problem was rectified as quickly as possible.  My door is not naked any longer!
 Here are the main portions of the swag.  I actually got them for FREE when we lived in Alaska.  The Family Support Group on base had JoAnn's Fabric's donate a ton of stuff.  We were to show up and then take what we want!  It was crazy.  The 2 smaller wreath looking things go around the base of a candle.  I like the Wheat Bundle, but it is pretty bland.  I hang it every year, but... I like how it's going to be used from now on!
 To start I grabbed 5 different ribbons from my stash.  They were all 2 yards in length.  I knotted, them in the center, on the hook of the Wheat Bundle.
 Here comes the tricky part.  I will attempt to show you how to do a 5 strand braid.  Please keep in mind that since my ribbons are all different textures it doesn't come out looking like a traditional 5 strand AND I do this really loose at first so I can show you how to do it.  I then undo it and tighten it for the real thing!  lol  
Start by separating out all your ribbons.
 Start from the left side and take your outside ribbon under one ribbon, then over the next, then under again.
Then on the right, to the same with your outside strand.  Go under, over, under.
Then back to the left outside strand.  Under, over, under.
The right outside strand....  Under, over, under....
Just keept going until you have your length.  Here is where I stopped... undid the loose one and did it for real. 
 Here is what it will look like finished.  Instead of just knotting the end I took a 6th color ribbon and made a bow.  
(Now... I'm guna back up and show you how I added on my mini wreaths!!!)
 After braiding about 6 times (left, right, left, right, left, right)  I took 2 strands and wrapped the over the top and the other 3 went through the bottom and then started braiding again so the wreath was stuck inside!
Here is a larger view of the back.  I hope that this gives you more of an idea how I did it.  I braided and added wreaths on both sides and then....
See my fancy expensive way to hang it?  I know...  you are all coveting this right?  Painters tape!  I'm so weird... 

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