Saturday, November 20

Beauty Makeover Birthday

My daughter has been wanting a Beauty Makeover Party since she say the Tooth Fairy!  You know...  there is the seen where he has to watch the boy cause the mom and the little girl are going to a party... Yup!  A Beauty Makeover Party!

I was shocked that I was able to do this so cheap.  I understand that  most will NOT be able to do it for this price, but I wanted to post the ideas.  My goal with most things is to try and use what I have available.  All of the decorations were simply things I found around the house.  I tied a ton of her hair ribbons to the chairs and used some pink fabric to lay across where the guest prizes and cupcakes were.  I put a bed sheet over the table (it was gold) and put the flowers that her daddy got her on the table too!   I tend keep my eye out at the thrift stores about a month before hand to save more pennies!  I try to spend a little where it matters and reuse what I have where it doesn't!  

  While I love throwing cool parties... they are over rather quickly.  I think the point is to try and use things you already have around the house.  Little girls don't judge!  They will be to excited about the make up!

As the guests arrived we started with massages!  Every girl needs a massage, perhaps not a 6 year old, but... still!  They were so giggly and ticklish it was a perfect start!
We used an electric massager we already had.  If you don't have one you could get those  hand ones from Michael's you see all the time in the dollar bin.  Perhaps if could be a gift for all the guests?

Once everyone arrived we began the party with food!  We wouldn't want to mess up our make up right? 

To create the swirl effect I put globs of the white frosting in 3 separate cups and added dye to create the Purple, Pink and Red frosting.  I then put 1 gigantic glob of each color on the top.  I smoothed the outside edge so it would be covered with a butter knife and then used the tip to swirl.  There is a TON of frosting cause Aurora never eats the cake!
Box Mix of Strawberry - 1.39
2 Cans Vanilla Frosting - .89 each

Since all these Tu Tu's were hanging in the window, they were the first thing each girl asked about as they came in the door.  So... after cake came Tu Tu's!

Most the tulle came from a GIGANTIC black and pink Tu Tu I made myself for an Adult Prom.  The yellow tulle came from the same Tu Tu after I took off the pink to lend it to a friend who added more black and then some yellow.  (She was a Bee for Halloween)  
3 Packs 1 inch Elastic - 1.29 each
1 10 yard Roll Sparkly Pink Tulle - 1.50
Rest of Tulle - Free from my stash!  
I couldn't tell you the initial cost because I bought most of it over a year ago.  But... the Sparkly Pink was on sale at Hobby Lobby.  So..  about 6 Bucks max a Tu Tu if you don't get sparkly and a shop sales?

 Next we moved on to the Make-Up center!  Here is where they truly went crazy.  My silly girl, who was obsessed with this party for about 2 months, was insistent that she needed a red nose for her clown makeup!  So much for the beauty part?  I let them go for it.  I figured it was more fun for them to just play and be cute little girls.

The seating is just some floor pillows covered with a pink fleece blanket.  The mirror is my full length one that I brought down and put on it's side!
1 Case of Make Up - 2.99
(It had several different blush and eye shadows and was CHEAP!!!)
1 Case Sparkly Lip Color - 1.99
(Same cheap knock off brand as the face stuff
Q-Tips for applicators - .89
(We were lucky that the cheapest brand was even PINK!!)
Lipstick - Free
(They were all mine from those free things you get when you buy make up)
Makeup Remover Wipes pack of 25 - 1.99
( I put a few in zip-locks for the girls to take home to actually wash their make up off with.  When they wanted to redo their make up during the party we just used my Homemade Baby Wipes!  The make up center just happened to be next to where we change diapers!)
Canopy over the Center - 2.50 from the Thrift Store
(It will go over her bed after the party!)

 After faces came nails!  I set out paper towels so they wouldn't get my bed sheet... I mean... Very expensive party table cloth... dirty.  I did end up helping them the most here.  They all had very interesting ways to paint nails.  It was cute!
2 Packs of Nail Polish - 1.00 each
Stick on Princess Earrings - 1.00
(These both came from the Target Dollar bins!)

Next to come was their cute socks, but... they were busy sitting on the couch with hands in the air from wet nails!  Imagine 6 little girls in Tu Tu's, with their hands up, blowing on their nails and semi-watching Barbie and the Diamond Castle.  Yeah... they had me just slip them on their feet like the were Cinderella!
5 Pairs of Socks - 1.00 Each
(Dollar bin at Target)

Total Cost was 26.90!!!

After cupcakes, make up, dry nails, and presents we went out side.  The girls were shocked I was letting them out of the house in the crazy makeup and Tu Tu's!  They had a BLAST at the park!  Here are a few pics from the fun!

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