Sunday, December 5

Countdown Blocks

Alright.. this one is more of a copy craft.  I didn't come up with the WHOLE idea here.  This one came from Fantistic Friday.  This is a night at our church where once a year a bunch of us girlies get together and put together craftiness galore.  All the items are selected and put together before hand by a group of other awesome girlies.   Usually it's a great opportunity to create gifts for family by hand and at a reasonable price.

This year one of the tables had some Christmas Countdown Blocks.  They were way cute and I totally wanted them, but....  I bought some countdown fabric at Hancock after last Christmas and made this...

It cost me a whoopin' .75 cents.  Of course.. the sewing and putting it together took way longer than I thought!  lol  You take a cookie out of the pocket and put it into the bowl!  Or should we do it the other way around?  From bowl to cookie?  I dunno..

Anyways... the blocks were to cute to pass up so I though I would just bring my own paper and create a countdown to something else!  Halloween was one thought... and then Thanksgiving cause I think it's under-appreciated and should have it's own countdown...  then I though birthday?  Hmm... to many to choose from.  Truth be told..?  We countdown to pretty much everything in our house!  Christmas, Birthday, Days till Grandma Comes, Days You've Kept Your Bed Dry (Kids.. not me!), Days Daddy Has Off Work, Days Till We Have a Living Room Sleep-over... Tuesday?  I think we may have a counting disease.

Thus the Every Day Countdown Blocks were born to our home!
 Days till my hubbies 3 day weekend!
 Days till Next Sunday!
 Days until my birthday!
Highest number on the blocks!
 The age my little sister always is when she remembers her past.
My other little sister's birthday is on the 24th of this month.  

Fun right?  I just wanted to show you my idea.  It's not new, but I was excited!  I made them to match the magnet boards I made that night also!  Oh... did you want to see those too!  OK!

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