Saturday, December 4

Santa Sandwich!

Since my son is still on the waiting list for the preschool we want he is home... ALOT!  Poor kid.  Stuck at home with mommy and baby.  I can tell that he misses his sister while she is at school.  I have taken to creating interesting sandwiches for him to kinda spice up his middle of the day.  Aurora comes home talking about her yummy school lunches... sometimes... so I make fun sandwiches for Tyton!  I do have another post on all the funny lunches that I have made for him.  Click here for that post!

Sorry the picture is crappy!  It's from my phone.  I usually text the pics to my mom.  I took it and then got all excited and rushed the food out to them!

1 Sandwich cut into an oval shape (notice the top is flat for his hat though!)
Eyes - Chocolate Chips
Nose - Dot from Halloween Candy
Smile - Swedish Fish Cut in Half and curved
Beard - Ghost Marshmallows piled up!

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