Wednesday, December 1

Fleece PigTail Beanie

I have been trying to think of a cool idea of a scarf for my daughter.  I have extra fleece from something else and was just waiting for inspiration to hit!  Well... When Melanie over at Sugardoodle posted this idea on Facebook I had my idea!  Yeah!  I totally just copied her idea and used a stuffed animal around the house I knew Aurora didn't snuggle with as much, but...  I thought I would do a tutorial on the hat idea I had!

Also... I'm sure there are MUCH easier ways to do this... I was just messing around and it turned out how I wanted it to in my head!

First you need to know how wide you want the hat.  Tyton was so kind to let me use his noggin as a measuring tool.  I couldn't find a measuring tape!  lol 
 Next step...divide that width in half... or... just fold your ribbon in half.  I made mine about an inch or 2 bigger on each side because... I was figuring this out as I went.  It's always easier to make things smaller... Making them bigger is much harder!  lol  If I were you... I would make it about a half inch bigger TOTAL!  Cut 2 squares of fabric this size.  Mine is about 3 inches taller than it is wide.
 Fold those in half and then cut something like this on the fold.  I cut that diagonal a little over a quarter of a way down.
 I then opened it up and place the right sides together.
 I sewed along the sides and along the top curve, but NOT NOT NOT the little "V" section.  Did you read that?  NOT that middles part.
Instead I pinched the "V"s on the same side together, pinned and sewed up both sides.  I didn't even stop, I just kept sewing! 
 See?  Both "V"s sewn... straight through.
 I then measured and extra piece of fleece about 4 inches wide and the same circumference of the bottom of the hat when sewn into a circle itself.
 I then folded it in half and pinned it to the bottom of the STILL inside-out hat and sewed it down.
Then I flipped it right side out! 
 I then cut several 6 by 1 inch strips ofthe same fleece and separated them into two piles.
 I then tied some long embrodery thread around the middle of each pile and pulled tight!  
 Using a needle, I threaded the end of one piece of thread through the pointy part of the hat.
 I then knotted the thread down to attach the pom poms to the piggy tails!
 See the scarf!  See why I wanted to make a cute hat to match!!!  I took it to her at school when I picked her up.  She was so excited!

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