Thursday, March 3

Horton Hears A Who Cupcake

Ok... I searched all over the web for an easy Horton Cupcake and couldn't find one I liked, so... I had to create my own!  I'm not the best at pastry decorating, so I think they turned out pretty cute!  I will warn you though...  I had to finish VERY FAST!  I realized I was out of time, so the ears could have been done much better if you ask me!  And... since you are reading this... you are!  And I say they could have been done better!  LOL  They tasted GREAT!

Also... my camera TOTALLY died so I had to use my crappy camera that is pretty much broken.  I took about 100 pictures to get these few!  Rgg... New camera... Here I COME!
 This is the stuff I got to make them.  I used the Almonettes because they were slightly larger than Milano's and they were on sale!  The little bottle with the red lid is candy pearls.
 Bake your cupcakes and cool as needed.  I put ALMOST all the white frosting into a bowl a light purple.  I was going to do them gray, but... I couldn't find the black gel frosting anywhere!  It's on my receipt, but not in my house!  Rgg... Light purple was cute enough.
 Whatever purple frosting wasn't used went into a gallon size Ziploc bag.  I snipped a hole in one corner to create a makeshift pastry bag.  I started just below the middle of the cupcake and spiraled out the trunk, getting smaller as I went down over to the right.
 Then I cut the Almonettes into quarters and put them above the trunk.
 Here is where I realized I was taking to much time with the camera!  The ears could have turned out much better, but I piped frosting over the cookie.  I also placed the remaining white frosting in another ziploc and piped on eyes right above the nose.  I thought I got a better pic, but... like I said.. my camera died.
 To end I simple used so green gel I had to finish off the eyes.  I used the star tip with the pink squirty can to make the "clover" and put one pearl on each for the "speck"!
 While I personally hate the ears, nobody complained about them and they were all eaten.  Apparently... lots of frosting is a good thing!  Most just held their cupcake and stared at it.  "I can't eat it!  It's to cute!"  LOL
I must say that Horton failed miserably to save that Speck several times that night.    Poor Horton...

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